Avakin Life 3D Virtual World | Avakin Life Gameplay, Beginner Guide

Avakin life avatar

To those people who might have no idea what virtual world means: it is a virtual simulated environment where users can create personal Avakin Life avatars. Using these avatars, you can maneuver and explore the Avakin world, as well as decide how you wish to look. In general, it gives a player a life inside a computer-generated environment. In the virtual world, an avatar can also move or manipulate certain objects. The sky’s the limit in the virtual world.


Avakin Life Game Features - Avatars


First-time user?


If you are a first-time user, sign up and make an account with a name for your avatar. Then, choose your gender. Next, select your preferred facial features. You can also pick hair styles and match them with your favorite color. You can also pick the color of your eyes from ocean blue to hazel eyes. Want to change your eyebrows from bushy to a thin one? Sure! Enhance your appearance and put on makeup to alter your appearance. Complete your look with clothes from simple t-shirt or a jacket. You can also match it with slim pants and a pair of white shoes. Note that since you’ve just started, your choices are more limited. You’d be able to unlock more as you progress in the game.


Avakin Life Game Features - Customize your Avakin Life Avatar


After you have customized your Avakin Life avatar, you will get 1250 free coins, an apartment with free furniture, and 150 gems. Look for the menu on the left-hand side where you can see a chair with a pencil like on top of it. Click on that and it will bring you into editing mode where you can choose the furniture you like. You can use toggling, which is to look and move. Alternatively, you can move around your apartment to place furniture in their rightful places. Pick your dream furniture and have fun matching them to the rest of your house to make it cozy and attractive.


Avakin Store


If you wish to shop in the Avakin store, look for a t-shirt with a tag from the upper menu. Click on it and you will see clothing, animations, petkins, apartments and many other categories. Low in avacash? Find a job and earn Avabucks which is the currency used in Avakin Life. You can exchange your Avabucks into Avacoins through ATMs located in 23rd street Café and Club Sundown. Avacoins are used in Avakin Store where you can purchase new stuff. There are also Avakin Life promo codes to help you gain more Avacoins or items!


Avakin Life Game Features - Clothing


The only rule of this game is to socialize and gain XP to level up. How to level up and socialize? Talk and meet other people. Give big gifts to your friends, take care of your pets and lots more. You can’t effectively gain XP or enjoy this game if you prefer being alone. Try to explore the Avakin world and make new friends instead! Join millions of players enjoying the company of each other and meet anyone from anywhere. Download Avakin Life today!

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