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If you have not heard about Avakin Life, then now is the time! Play with friends or other players online after creating your own avatar! Find out more about the game features here. You can pretend-marry, or fall in love, or own a pet (petkin)! The world’s your oyster in this game. Avakin Life questions, not here to stay!

Over here in our Avakin Life Knowledge Base, we’ll answer all your burning questions! How to kiss in Avakin Life? How to find a job in Avakin Life? Who’s the mysterious Mermaid everyone is talking about? Make this page your best Avakin Life resource for all those questions. Forget about Avakin Life Wiki, Reddit or Forums, find all your answers right here!

Scroll down and explore the massive inventory that we have prepared for you. Who knows, maybe you can start teaching your friends these tricks and tips!

How to Kiss in Avakin Life?

Yup, we know you’re probably excited to plant a smooch on your significant other in the virtual world. Hopefully, you’re not attached in real life XD. But many have asked, “How…

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How to Stream Music in Avakin Life?

Music is a huge part of Avakin Life. You must have heard of people wiring up to stream music in Avakin Life. You can’t play Avakin Life without music and…

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How to Have a Baby in Avakin Life?

OK, this is somewhat the million dollar question… have you seen someone having a baby in Avakin Life? Neither have we. How to Have a Baby in Avakin Life? Is…

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What is Avakin Life Halloween Event?

Avakin Life Halloween Event: What is Avakin Life? What is the Avakin Life Halloween event? Firstly, the question is what is Avakin Life? Avakin Life is a free virtual game where…

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What is one Avakin Life Trick?

An elusive Avakin Life Trick You probably need all the help you can get if you want to ace Avakin Life (not that it’s a competition…). What is one Avakin Life…

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What Other Similar Games to Avakin Life?

Similar games to Avakin Life? There are a few games similar to Avakin Life. You must have wondered if there are other similar games to Avakin Life, particularly if you…

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How to Add a Friend in Avakin Life?

Do you want to add a friend in Avakin Life? How does one add a friend in Avakin Life? It’s not as easy as it sounds given the complex dashboard….

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What are the New Updates in Avakin Life?

New Updates in Avakin Life? The new wardrobe collection will have you walking on cloud 9! Embrace the color pink and check out the new collection inspired by sugary sweets…

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How to Get Avakin Life Clothes?

How does one get Avakin Life Clothes? It’s really not that hard. Read on to find out!   Avakin Life Update 1.9.0 – “Hey, Big Spender!” introduces the latest installment…

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How to Get Married in Avakin Life?

How does one get married in Avakin Life?   Technically, you cannot marry in Avakin Life. You could put on a wedding for a show, though, and plan a ceremony…

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