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How to Add a Friend in Avakin Life?

Do you want to add a friend in Avakin Life?

How does one add a friend in Avakin Life? It’s not as easy as it sounds given the complex dashboard. Not to worry, we’ll help you right along. Look no further!


There are actually several ways to send a friend request. Here are two ways to add a friend in Avakin Life.


Option 1:


  1. Click on a player’s Avakin avatar to open the action menu.
  2. Click the action menu.
  3. Select the “Friend request” button.
  4. Click on “Search” and let it run for a bit.
  5. Click the “Profile” button from the top bar menu.
  6. Select the “Friends” tab.
  7. Select the search button
  8. Enter a player’s username
  9. Select the ‘Add as friend’ option


Option 2:


  1. From a player’s profile
  2. Click a player’s Avakin while in a space or search for their username
  3. Select the “Profile” button from the action list
  4. Select ‘Send’ in the Friend Request tab on the right-hand side


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