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How to Have a Baby in Avakin Life?

OK, this is somewhat the million dollar question… have you seen someone having a baby in Avakin Life? Neither have we.

How to Have a Baby in Avakin Life?

Is it like Sims, you wonder? Unfortunately, (yep, even you mod-searching peeps, please listen), you can’t have a baby in Avakin Life. However! You can role play in the game with the players using the chat window “Having a Baby”.


Building baby mods?


There are no known functioning mods in the game yet, but who knows, you might be able to find someone who can! Try exploring Fiverr or Craigslist or social media sites to ask if they are able to make a baby mod for Avakin Life. Don’t give up trying to create a baby in Avakin Life!


For the rest of us less techie folks…


You can just roleplay a birth. Walk around the maps and ask other players if they’d like to participate in the role play. Here’s a sample text you can ask in the chat window, “Hey, I’m interested in having a childbirth role-playing in the game, is anyone interested?”. You might think this feels and sounds weird, but honestly, you see all sorts of things in here.


The third option?


The easiest way without hiring someone, modding, cheating or using provocative chat, is by making a new character between you and another consenting player.


For example, you know those filters which can take two halves of two faces and match them to become one? You might like to consider that. If its too intrusive a method, then perhaps you guys can write down your features. Then create an Avakin Life character that matches the description.


So in short, find a consenting player willing to participate in the family style role play. Jot down yours and the other player’s individualized features. Then, create another account and another player which you can make with these halved traits to the father/mother. We hope you have fun creating a baby in Avakin Life!