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How to Kiss in Avakin Life?

Yup, we know you’re probably excited to plant a smooch on your significant other in the virtual world. Hopefully, you’re not attached in real life XD. But many have asked, “How to Kiss in Avakin Life?” with endless frustration. We’re here to answer your question!

How to kiss in Avakin Life?

You would have to get the ‘Cheek Kiss’ animation. The person you are intending to kiss must have that animation as well. Then, you both must use it at the same time.


Other kinds of kisses?


You can use the animation while standing next to the person, but it won’t look as good. You may also want to get some other kiss animations, like the kiss animation called ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ from the mystery box, but ‘Cheek Kiss’ is the best. Alternatively, you may also just say *Kisses [Other person’s username]* in the Avakin chat.


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Curious about the game, but have not played it before yet?

You need to…

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