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How to Stream Music in Avakin Life?

Music is a huge part of Avakin Life. You must have heard of people wiring up to stream music in Avakin Life. You can’t play Avakin Life without music and clubs playing music, like Club Sundown. So the question is…

How do I stream music in Avakin Life?

Contrary to what you may think, it is extremely easy to set up and stream music on Avakin Life.


First, purchase a radio or dance floor on Avakin Life. After making your purchase, go to your settings in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and click into the Audio tab.


Please be sure the “steaming music” tab is in the “on” position by clicking and sliding it to the right. Now you need to place your radio in your home. On the left-hand side of your screen, click on the edit tab and you’ll notice at the bottom of your screen, there are multiple choices but click on the “streaming music” tab for now.


It will then bring you to items you can stream from. Drag and hold the item to place it where you would like to stream music. Once you have the item where you want it, click save. Once your radio is in place, walk over to it to play. There will be an “interact” button that will then come up, click on it and you now see your radio.


Click on the “tune” button to bring up a menu of music genres to choose from. Once you click on a category, you will then see subcategories to choose from. A list of radio stations will show up on the right. Click on a station of your liking to start listening to your desired music choices. You can control how and where you listen by adjusting the radio at your desired location.

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