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What is one Avakin Life Trick?

An elusive Avakin Life Trick

You probably need all the help you can get if you want to ace Avakin Life (not that it’s a competition…). What is one Avakin Life trick you can’t do without? We share with you one valuable trick.


It’s probably going to sound really silly, but one of the most neglected things that players do is forgetting to turn on their push notifications. By not doing so, it will cause players logging in to the game to discover that they’ve missed a limited time event.


They can be turned on or off, but turning them on is the best course to take. These push notifications serve to alert players to the exciting news when they aren’t playing the game. This will allow them to log on at just the right time so they don’t miss out. They’re instantaneous, so players will know it the moment something important happens in the game. Instead of finding out hours later, they will know it straight away.


Why push notifications?


Most gamers would prefer to stay in the know. After having experienced the frustration of not knowing we’d received a message, we turned on push notifications duly. Sometimes you’d miss special items or gifts if you’re not kept in the know. By turning on push notifications for Avakin Life, players will be able to receive alerts. They’d know when their friends message them or when they receive gifts. Also when limited time events with special items occur, or when there are new brand releases. On top of that, they’d know when offers appear, and when rewards are available. They’d also get notified when the Build items finish!


Every important in-game event one can imagine will arrive directly to players’ phones when they turn on push notifications. In order to maximize your Avakin Life experience, turn it on! Turning push notifications on are simple. How do you do it? Go to “Settings” on your phone and “Notifications” for iOS or “Applications” for Android. You’re just a few taps away from having the most up-to-date time of your life in the world of Avakin Life! This is the most valuable Avakin Life trick you’d need in your whole gaming experience.


Download Avakin Life and play it on PC and MAC today! Don’t wait!

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